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Frame Bag - Wedge

Frame Bag - Wedge

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A little more space than a Half Frame Bag without having to give up both of your bottle cages. A Wedge Frame Bag is a great option for smaller frames.

Frame bags are custom sized to the dimensions of your bike frame and exclusively made-to-order. Scroll to learn more about the many options for customizing your frame bag.

Bundle and save!

Add one or two stem bags in the same colourway at $5-20 off the regular price.

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Understanding your options

Fabric and colours

More info coming soon, for now check out the Fabrics page.

Frame attachment

For attachment to your frame choose from sewn Velcro® straps with grippy Hypalon wings (fast on and off), and lace up with cord (more secure and less wear on your paint).

The most common choices are velcro on all tubes, or lace up on your top tube with velcro on your downtube/seattube.

Lace up on toptube and downtube is an option but is somewhat more time consuming to attach.

On larger frames/bags bolt on attachment on the downtube may be possible.

If you are unsure about which option to choose, or if you have a particular request outside of these options please contact us before ordering.

Additional features

Additional features/options include:

Pass-through port - A port in front of your main zipper allowing you to run a hydration tube or electronics cables without affecting the weatherproofness of the bag. Also included will be an internal pass through between the stash pocket and main compartment for maximum connectedness.

Extra organization - Additional sleeves/pockets inside the main and stash pockets. Can be sized to fit specific items on request.

Removable velcro baffle - A detachable panel inside the main compartment to separate gear and prevent the sides from puffing out and getting in the way of your knees.

Pump/Tent pole mounting - A strip of daisy chain on the top edge inside your main compartment. Allows you to secure long items under your top tube with straps, velcro, or clips.

Key clip - A short lanyard with a metal snaphook inside either compartment.

Drainage port - A grommet at the lowest point along your trim allows any moisture or spills to drain from your bag. An internal baffle reduces the chance of water coming IN through this hole but it does slightly reduce the waterproofness of the overall bag.