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Trace Compact Wallet

Trace Compact Wallet

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Accent Colour

The Trace Compact Wallet is the perfect thin and light wallet, ready for a cashless future but still fit for the mixed demands of modern life. Carry 7-10 cards, plus single fold bills, all in an incredibly compact package.

Minimalist and Ultralight shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice convenience or durability. With 5 separate sleeves for cards, a single deep sleeve for single fold bills, and the astonishingly durable and light Challenge EPX70HH fabric, the Trace won't make you compromise on performance in order to slim down your pockets.

The Trace weighs only 12g (0.4 oz), and has a silhouette of 75mm x 95mm (3"x3 7/8").

Fully loaded with 10 cards and bills, the Trace measures only 18mm thick (11/16").

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