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Stealth Crossbody Sling Bag

Stealth Crossbody Sling Bag

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Outer Fabric
Liner Colour

Keep your essentials close at hand with this slim and light crossbody sling bag.

Measuring roughly 12" by 6" and folding flat when empty, the Stealth packs a surprising 1.5L of storage volume behind the single water resistant YKK zipper.

The inner organization panel separates your bag into one main compartment, two small pockets, and a slim section behind the panel (perfect for a mask or small notebook). It also includes a short key lanyard with a WeTool metal clip.

Stealth slings are made with lightweight Gridstop or Ultragrid fabrics. These fabrics improve upon a classic "ripstop" fabric with strands of UHMWPE fibre, giving them exceptional abrasion and tear resistance for their weight. Both Gridstop and Ultragrid are highly water resistant.

Inner organization pockets are made with lightweight packcloth in either light grey, coyote, or bright orange.

The standard layout is designed to be worn with the strap on your left shoulder and bag hanging on your right side (as pictured). In stock options are "right handed" unless otherwise marked.

The standard strap extends to a maximum circumference 54" but is most versatile when worn at less than 50". Test this out around your body with a tape measure or cord and if you would like a longer strap please let us know and this can be swapped on your bag before shipping!

Left handed bags with the strap and zipper reversed (designed to hang from your right shoulder with the bag on your left side) are available but are mostly made-to-order. Please list your desired colour in the "Special instructions" section of your cart before checking out.

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